Powering the Fintech Lifecycle

Accurate decisioning requires access to reliable insights.  We leverage AI to  provide infrastructure that connects disparate data sources through a single API, so fintechs can focus on growth.

Next-Generation Data at Scale

Over 500+ unique insights aggregated and standardized across trusted, global ecosystem of identity, digital, communication, device and payments data partners

Disparate Data, Identity, and Network Behavior Connected Through a Single API

Decisioning, Simplified

KYC Compliance

  • Identity Valid
  • Data Match
  • Address Verification
  • Due Diligence

The highly reliable data sources needed for real-time, seamless onboarding and maximized apporval rates of users across developing and developed markets — through a single API

Credit Decisioning

  • Income Patterns
  • Spend Patterns
  • Payment Methods
  • Lifestyle Preferences

Alternate, ubiquitous data and analytics to unlock financial equality and open up new market opportunities for secure growth

Trust & Fraud Risk

  • Synthetic Identity
  • Bot Attack
  • Identity Takeover
  • Behavior Checks

Customer insights that help identify high-trust users while preventing next-generation fraud

Collections Optimization

  • Identity Tracing
  • Location Verifications
  • Communication Channels

Rich data and insights to enhance collections processes and increase recovery rates

Spend less time on the complexities of global data disparity, regulation and bias, and more time focused on building the core products your business needs to grow

Fast to market

< 9 week

To get access to identity and behavior data of 5B+ consumers in real time

Higher approval rates

70 %

Users identified with high confidence

Cost savings

85 %

Uplift in fraudulent identities detected

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