18 months ago, Ravish and I decided to start Monnai. It was nothing more than an idea and a big vision. I am incredibly proud and grateful of what we’ve accomplished so far, the rapid growth that we have achieved, our team’s hard work and the trust of our customers.

Conducting a third financing round in just over a year is a sign of strength, potential and trust.

We’re excited to have a seasoned partner like Tiger who shares our vision and will help accelerate our growth trajectory.


“A vision without execution is hallucination.”

Building a company is the result of a lot of effort, iterations, and an obsession for perfection. In our case, it’s been around the clock, operating across the US, India and Southeast Asia. Embracing the modern way of building a global default company, inspired by the potential resulting from growing connections between people, continents and businesses.

Combined with the hyper growth of populations in geographies like India, Southeast Asia, Latam and the shift to new digital generations, businesses need to figure out how to unlock the global potential resulting from global flows of data to expand their services efficiently.

And nothing is greater than seeing the fundamental impact made to our customers.The value of our solution is directly tied to mission critical use cases for businesses. Whether it is to improve conversion, reduce the risk of fraud or delinquencies, there’s always a direct and tangible ROI which drives customers to use our platform. Overall, our customers experience 99% detection in fraudulent identities, 40% increase in approval rates, and 30-40% reduction in default rate.

Whether you’re in an established market or an emerging market, there’s an inherent need for clean infrastructure. Businesses globally have been developing strong capabilities using more and more data to make their own decisions. The challenge is to get access to the insights that will inform decisions across silos and use cases and in as many useful ways as possible. This is where Monnai comes into play, providing a single source of truth for businesses across entire customer and transaction lifecycles.

Monnai’s consumer insight platform seamlessly integrates the increasing number of disparate data sources across the globe and provides its customers with tools to navigate the increasing fraud and evolving regulatory landscapes. Our adaptive infrastructure delivers four key decisioning modules – Know Your Customer, Trust & Fraud Risk, Credit Decisioning and Collections Optimization – through a single API. The resulting infrastructure leverages more than 350 contextual insights including payment, communication, device, identity etc. We also developed unique technologies that enable a low code/no code dynamic aggregation, normalization and contextualization of data sets, across silos and borders, leading to better analytics and a faster ingestion, modeling and implementation of alternative data for our customers.

Looking ahead

As we’re now looking forward to further scaling the company across our key markets and become the single source of truth for fintech decisioning globally, we’d love to demonstrate to any businesses, whether looking at scaling globally or delivering local efficiencies, how Monnai’s consumer insight infrastructure will help maximize value. We’ve built simple, yet technologically advanced modules so that businesses can easily test, integrate and combine the components that deliver the most benefits to them. Our team can instantly demonstrate how Monnai’s platform can deliver unique results to your business.

And, as we’re growing the company, we’re looking for the best people to join us. We have many positions opened if you have a strong desire to work in a global and fast-moving start-up. At Monnai, everyone’s an entrepreneur and owner of the company, leveraging diversity at its core. Please have a look at the career page on our website or reach out to our team directly and we’ll be happy to chat.