Tapping into global potential

At Monnai, we want more people to have the opportunity to take part in the global digital economy. Our technology delivers accurate and relevant insights into the potential of 5B+ individuals worldwide — so they can lead remarkable lives.

A Vision of Financial Equity

We are a group of people who couldn’t be more different at first glance, coming from different continents, backgrounds, cultural and social surroundings, yet we have one thing in common – to provide our customers, and the businesses and individuals they provide services to, with opportunity.

Global expansion has generated new challenges, opportunities, and risks – increasing cybercrime and fraud, emerging data regulations, but above all, lack of the data needed to grow securely. Around half of the world’s population doesn’t have sufficient access to credit.

We want to change that. We want to open new frontiers and make financial services accessible to people across the globe.

Our Founders

Ravish Patel

Founder & CPO

Pierre Demarche

Founder & CEO

Over the past 15 years, co-founders Pierre and Ravish lived and worked in more than 40 countries across 5 continents, developing extensive experience building and operating high growth global tech businesses. But everywhere they went, they noticed that access to financial and consumer services remained a challenge for huge communities both in emerging and developed markets. Even with the rapid growth of fintech, ecommerce, and other digital financial tools, the same people were being denied access due to a lack of traditional financial data.

But the internet also provided an opportunity. With access to new data sources and advanced AI techniques, they found they could make an impact. Together they founded Monnai to ensure that everyone can thrive in a global world.

Our Investors

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